Answer the Thursday, June 23 word puzzle with these clues


wordle is a daily word puzzle that has kept gamers on their toes for nearly a year, with fans hoping to keep their streak alive by guessing a five-letter word in six attempts.

The addictive game became an internet sensation after its creator, Josh Wardle, a software engineer, completed it during the COVID lockdown after first working on it in 2013. The game’s name is a pun on the name of its creator, who sold wordle at The New York Times in February.

The rules of wordle are simple: players must uncover a randomly generated five-letter word in just six attempts.

To play, you must follow the game’s color-coded grid system, which shows you how close you are to guessing the word of the day, based on the color of the tiles after you enter a word as part of your sixes. attempts.

A letter that is in the correct position will become a green tile, while a letter that is included in the answer, but not in the correct position, will turn yellow. Finally, the thumbnail will remain gray if you select a completely incorrect letter, i.e. it is not part of the wordle of the day at all.

After completing the game, a box appears that players can share on social media. It shows how many tries it took to solve the word of the day.

The daily wordle for June 23 is difficult to decipher and will most certainly require some clues. Newsweek has put together five clues to nudge gamers in the right direction.

Note: the answer for wordle #369 is at the bottom of this page, so scroll down to Newsweek‘s below carefully to avoid seeing the solution before you have a chance to play the game for yourself.

‘Wordle’ #369 — Five tips for Thursday, June 23, 2022

wordle lovers who need a little help can try to solve wordle #369 with the following five clues.

  • Tip #1: Today wordle for Thursday, June 23, is a noun and contains a single vowel, which is in the middle of the word.
  • Tip #2: The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines wordle #369 as “edge”, “the edge at the top of a steep place”, “a particular bank of a river”, “the point of beginning”, and “the threshold of danger”.
  • Tip #3: Today wordle starts with the letter “b” and ends with the letter “k”.
  • Tip #4: Synonyms for today wordle #369 include ‘fringe’, ‘periphery’, ‘threshold’, ‘point’, ‘boundary’, ‘frontier’, ‘frontier’ and ‘margin’.
  • Tip #5: Today wordle #369 has only one syllable and rhymes with the word “sync”.

‘Wordle’ #369 Response for, Thursday June 23rd, 2022

The answer to today’s wordle is “Brink”.

If you want to try the game again, wordle resets daily at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT). While waiting for tomorrow’s game, you can experience similar puzzles, which can be found here.

This file photo shows a person playing “Wordle” on a cell phone in Arlington, Virginia on May 9, 2022. The rules are simple: Players must uncover a randomly generated five-letter word in just six attempts.

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