How puns improve brain health


Almost everyone is playing “Wordle” online word puzzle these days. Health experts say games like Wordle help keep your brain healthy.

Whether you spend hours doing crossword puzzles or just a few minutes on the daily Wordle, doctors say playing word games regularly is good for your brain.

“My idea about these types of puns is that if you like them and they challenge you, you can’t do it on autopilot. You really have to think about it. Then it really serves you a good purpose. in terms of supporting your brain health for life,” said Dr. Jessica Caldwell, a neuropsychologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Mayflower – a leading nonprofit for residential aged care – said the benefits of puns include:

  • Improved thinking
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Better cognitive function
  • Reduced risk of dementia
  • Increased brain stimulation

If word games aren’t your thing, Dr. Caldwell said other puzzle games, like Sudokus, and even watching a documentary or reading a book and then having an in-depth conversation about it with a friend have similar benefits. She said anything that gives you a learning experience or a cognitive challenge is what’s most important.

“To keep your memory and your thinking sharp, the key really is challenge and learning. Those are the only ways to really exercise your brain. You develop new neural pathways, you support old neural pathways. So the key is that you can’t just be busy,” Dr. Caldwell said.

Word games also create social bonds by creating conversations, which is also good for your brain health.


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