Match-three puzzles and word games collide in a phenomenal iOS title


There is a new puzzle or word game on iTunes every week. App stores on all mobile platforms are inundated with games from both of these genres, and it doesn’t look like a developer can do much to innovate in either. But what if we combine the two?

Developer About Fun does just that with the incredible Letz: Zed’s Story. It’s a match-three puzzle. It’s a play on words. It’s those two things wrapped around a compelling story of storybook adventures and candy-covered with colorful characters and a whimsical, charming style.

Injecting storytelling into a pair of genres that normally don’t care about the story is a big part of what makes Letz so attractive. All but one of the characters have been captured and imprisoned for magical worlds. The heroic Zed must roam these worlds, securing the four magical artifacts that will allow him to save his friends.

The story unfolds like a storybook, with each new sentence tied to a secret word hidden in the game’s puzzle stages. It’s not just about matching colored gems. Some of the colored shapes on the game board have letters on them. Matching these unlocks the letter for playing. If it’s part of the level’s secret word, it appears at the top of the puzzle, filling in a blank. Otherwise, it goes to a letter tank on the left side of the screen, where players can tap letters at any time to spell words for bonus points. It’s so happily chaotic.

When the secret word is completely filled in (a task that gets more and more complicated as the player progresses), the level stops and the story moves forward. Players are free to move the story forward at this point, or they can choose to return to the board and earn badges for additional achievements, or earn coins to pay for upgrades to the many power-up gems. Game.

In a mobile market flooded with word games and puzzles, Letz: The History of Zen is one of the best examples of both genres.

Letz – Zed’s Story – $ 1.99 [iTunes]


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