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How many new words can you create by rearranging the letters in “Book Fair This Week”? Or what about “directory orders due”?

A number apparently, judging by the creative pun that has become commonplace with the interchangeable letters on the North Canton Elementary sign.

“Sometimes they thought we wouldn’t notice it, but I check it every morning when I come just to make sure and if it’s wrong, I fix it,” said Northern Township manager Jill Mann, about the pranks of the panels.

However, the antics will end soon. North Canton Elementary will be installing a new digital sign for the school entrance next month with LED lettering.

Mann will be able to program the display panel display from his desk, making it easier to send out a “good luck” message on test morning, even if there’s a downpour outside.

Of course, elementary school kids can’t take all the credit for the pranks the sign invited. North Canton is nestled amid dense residential neighborhoods, so former college and high school alumni could join in on the action.

Theoretically, removable letters are not meant to be accessible to passers-by. The display panel has been designed with a lockable cover to eliminate temptation. But the sliding panel has seen better days.

“These panels have a transparent window above them that is supposed to close and lock – except ours, instead of being transparent, it’s yellow and won’t close again,” Mann said.

The cost of the new sign is $ 16,000 and was fully collected by the North Township PTO. To help the cause, teachers voted to forgo money typically spent on teacher appreciation exhibits.

“They wanted to divert it all to the sign,” said Associate Superintendent Dr. Trevor Putnam.

Mann said the PTO typically buys Christmas gifts and other tokens of appreciation from teachers during the year.

“I sent out a survey and said ‘Do you want to donate money to the new sign?’ and they all said yes, ”Mann said. “These teachers who give this money show you that we are a community school. “

PTO spent two years raising money for the new sign. Before that, the fundraising was for the purchase of computers. The next goal will be new play equipment.

In a few weeks the new panel will be installed and the word scrambling games will end, but rest assured Mann will be on heightened alert. The most common prank is to simply delete a letter so that the spelling is wrong.

Instead of “Dance this Friday night”, the sign could say “Dance this Friday night”.

“We commend them for their creativity but not for their mischief,” Putnam joked.



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