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Can you solve the most challenging and complex word games in history? Put your brain to work and join the Languinis on a whimsical word-making adventure!


Thousands of years ago, the Phoenix god summoned the Languinis to name everything in the world. However, as they created word after word the game became exhausting and they chose to rest.

The Phoenix God was furious and locked up the Languinis! Spelling master, can you use your vocabulary to free the Languinis from their cells?

As you explore word puzzles, island after island, you’ll be challenged and tested on your vocabulary, knowledge of anagrams, and your ability to spell, match, and solve new puzzles. With over 1000 levels to play, enjoy countless hours of word search fun as you save the Languinis!


– Hours of endless word creation from ALL AGES, non-stop, skull burst, brain training fun! Languinis love children but their puns are great for adults too!
– Challenge yourself with intense spelling, word games and crossword puzzles and go from easy, medium, hard to hard! A great match for any word search and Scrabble addict!
– Adorable characters in crystal-clear 3D graphics. No other puzzle or word game is fully 3D!
– Multiplayer mode: spell words with friends, compete against two players or take on the Phoenix for even more competition!
– Share your achievements with your Facebook friends!
– Daily Languini Word Search rewards give you MASSIVE bonuses!
– Play your match 3 matches on all your devices with cloud saving! Saving the Languinis has never been so smooth and relaxing!
– OFFLINE AND (almost) NO ADVERTISING – Play without WiFi! And Languinis hate ads have as much as you do – so there are only a few ads in the game!


– Treasure Hunt Event: Once a month we publish a Treasure Hunt event that gives you MASSIVE rewards for completing levels. Finding the end of the treasure hunt map is harder than it looks!
– Weekly Letter Challenge – a new letter is chosen each week. If you can find and collect 20 of these letters, you win!
– Letter Rush Special Event – Can you spell more words than the rest of the world? Create words from letters and get into a league of letters! Solve the most word games and climb the ranks! Be warned – these word games are the most competitive in the stores!
– Endless Mode – Face off against the Phoenix in a one-on-one challenge to spell the best words. Decipher the words as fast as you can! Hardcore strategy helps a ton in this mode!
– Endless Mode – 1v1 computer battle!


The ultimate word games await on the islands! DOWNLOAD NOW! THE LANGUINI NEED YOU!


Please Note: Languinis is a free game that includes optional in-app purchases such as extra moves or boosts. You can turn off the payment feature by turning off in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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