TypeShift review: Word games that melt the brain


Zach Gage has done it again! TypeShift is the type of challenging, mind-boggling, vocabulary-expanding word game that helps demonstrate why Gage has earned a reputation as one of the most powerful mobile game developers out there. Likely to captivate both crossword connoisseurs and crossword enthusiasts alike, TypeShift is one of the best twists on the word game genre in recent years.

The game looks pretty straightforward. All you have to do is move columns of letters up and down to create a new word on the middle row. In order to complete the puzzle, you must use each letter at least once, but letters can be used multiple times in a particular puzzle. However, the arrangement of the letters and your inability to control the number of letters used in each word can make the game especially difficult.

Once you’ve read the last few letters, it can seem almost impossible to figure out how they will work together in the way that is asked of you. Approach TypeShift like a boggle style game and you won’t find yourself very far. There’s no squeezing the back of a bunch of three- and four-letter words here. It’s a different, deeper type of thinking that’s needed to get through TypeShift.

If you can really master the game – and if you stick to it you will – you’ll probably feel smarter. At the very least, your vocabulary will inevitably become larger and more impressive. It’s the kind of word game you’ll want to play with a dictionary handy. Now that you know that ‘fluorine’ is a word, it would be a shame never to use it.

After going through a bunch of three-word puzzles and learning a bunch of new five-letter words, it’s easy to start to feel a little pushy. Before trying to get back into the real world, try the Daily Puzzle. A seven-letter puzzle, it’s likely to topple the descendants of Merriam and Webster. Conquer it and you are fully justified in embarking on a merry dance on the bus.

TypeShift Daily Puzzle

TypeShift is a beautiful mobile game. The screen layout is clean as opposed to cluttered. While the background music isn’t particularly impressive, the letters are easy to read against the background of the letterboxes. It’s details like the coloring of the letters and the choice of font that can often seem overlooked among the growing legions of puzzle games, and the attention to detail shown in TypeShift helps make it great rather than just good.

TypeShift Puzzle Packs

TypeShift is a free to play game that can easily be upgraded to something more like a premium experience through in-app purchases. There are plenty of free puzzles available at all difficulty levels to keep you occupied for a while, but purchasing a puzzle pack or pack not only allows you to spend more time with TypeShift (and trust us, you’ll want) it also removes ads from the game. And the better you get from TypeShift, the bigger it will be.

A purchase also gives you the ability to take a closer look at your stats and gives you the flexibility to change your theme. Whether you want an uninterrupted gaming experience or a look that better reflects your personality, it will be money well spent.


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