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Wordament Reviews

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Wordament: one of the best word games on Windows 10, Windows 8
wordament windows 8
Word games like Scrabble have thousands of players around the world, and this is because they are very entertaining, but at the same time very competitive. All board games are fun, but it seems like the games that make us think more are the best. Wordament is a Word game Windows 8, Windows 10 it will certainly test your mind and concentration.

To play this game you will have to concentrate intensely, mainly because it is much more complicated than your usual “find the words”, because it allows a lot more combinations than we are used to.

Wordament for Windows 8, Windows 10 app review


The game is very simple at the start: find all the words in the square before the time runs out. But once you start playing you will find that it is not that easy, and the letters can be arranged in any way: line, diagonal, backwards and pretty much anywhere. which direction, you can drag your mouse pointer and continue from letter to letter to complete a word.

What makes the game more entertaining is the fact that it allows users to sign in to their Xbox live accounts and play against other people, and at the end of the timer, you will have your score submitted and compared to other players. Additionally, you can add players to your friends list and play against them.


Being an Xbox game, it has many achievements that you can unlock, so be on the lookout for the best letter combinations. Some words can completely cover the whole square, but finding them depends on how you can navigate the puzzle. It’s actually amazing how many words you can create on this 4 × 4 square, sometimes pushing up to 200 different words.

The score is calculated based on the number of words you find and the frequency or rarity of the words. More difficult and longer words will get you bonus points, while short, simple words are worth much less.


Apart from that, the game has no other special features. It all depends on how much attention you pay during the game and how quickly you recognize the words. This is where all these Scrabble and word puzzle games come in handy. We hope to see the game in different languages ​​in the future, so that everyone can play the game without being disadvantaged by their level of English skills.

Update – Latest Wordament Changes

Wordament received a massive update in 2013 which supported the game for Windows 8.1 and fixed several bugs for the Windows 8 edition. Version 2.7 contains the following details:

  • Login as guest or login with Facebook
  • Sharing high scores on Twitter or Facebook
  • 15 puzzle languages ​​supported
  • Improved gaming performance.

In 2017 Wordament received a massive update for the PC version. Basically it has been completely rebuilt so that the user can have a new experience playing the same game. However, it is not clear if the mobile version will receive this update as well. Until an official announcement, the new version of the game can be played on Windows 10 PC and Xbox.

Word Twist – Alternative to Wordament

wordtwist word games windows

Word Twist is another great word game that could replace Wordament. This game works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8. It is free to play but it allows you to have fun without Pro edition. One of the biggest features of this game is the six letter combo possibility. Plus, it helps you keep your vocabulary rich. You can find more details about this amazing game in our dedicated article.

To download Wordament for Windows 10, Windows 8


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