Wordle: 7 word puzzle games like Wordle to try


With millions of people completing the same Wordle puzzle every day, you might be craving a new challenge. Here are seven more word puzzle games to switch things up and help you hone your word skills in new ways.

7 Word Puzzle Games Besides Wordle

Scrabble Go: Play classic Scrabble wherever you want with Scrabble Go. Download the app and play with friends thanks to the multiplayer mode.

Boggle with friends: Try to spell as many words as possible before the time runs out! Complete daily challenges and compete against other players in live tournaments.

Words between friends: Connect with friends and family by challenging them to a series of words with friends. Build words on top of each other and try to get the highest score. The longer the word, the more points you get.

Wordscapes: With its number 2 spot in the “Word” category on the App Store and over 600,000 five-star reviews, Wordscapes is clearly popular. Challenge your brain while relaxing your mind by finding words with different scenic backgrounds in all levels.

Cryptogram: Decode and decipher famous quotes, ranging from historical sayings to modern sayings.

crossword quest: Complete crossword puzzles on all levels and earn rewards to help you get clues. Each “chapter” of Crossword Quest features different visual designs from desert to rainforest.

word cookies: Get ready for your new addiction. Make as many words as you can from five letters and climb the ranks in your Word Cookies skills, progressing from positions like ‘Novice Chef’ to ‘Home Baker’.


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