Wordle Answer 225 Today – January 30, 2022 Daily Word Puzzle Solution & Tips


Here is Wordle 225 published today January 30, 2022 and some tips to help you if you get stuck!

Word puzzles have been around for a long time, with crosswords being one of the most popular word games to date, but there is a simple yet challenging new game that is attracting so many word lovers. This game is Wordle! The object of the game is simple, you have to guess the five letter word in six guesses, but there is no indication of what the word is. The word can be anything in the American English language which may seem difficult, but you are given some clues as you make your guesses.

The clues are in the guesses you make as the boxes the letters are in will turn into one of three colors and you can see what they are and what they mean below:

  • Green – You have the correct letter in the correct position
  • Yellow – You have the correct letter but in the wrong position
  • Gray – The letter does not appear in the word at all
Word Game – How to Play

Knowing this, the first guess will help you enormously in the words you guess to advance, because the more letters you guess correctly, the faster you will solve the word. We recommend using words that contain mostly vowels as a first guess to get a good word base.

We have a new word on January 30, 2022 which is Wordle 225. Here are clues and the answer for today.

Word tips today

We love giving hints to help you figure out what the word of the day is and today is no different! Here are the tips we have for Wordle 225.

Clue 1: Contains the letter NOT
Hint 2: It starts with the letter O
Hint 3: There is only one vowel in this word
Clue 4: This word is in the past tense

What is the Wordle 225 answer today? (January 30, 2022)

The word today for Wordle 225 is.. WRINKED!

Wordle 225 answer
Wordle 225 answer

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Better luck next time!

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Wrung out definition

So what does Wordle 225 mean? Wrung is a verb that is the past tense of the word spin which means to squeeze and twist the liquid. It can also be used to describe the breaking of an animal’s neck by forcefully twisting it.


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