Wordle Answers: Wordle #436: Answer, Tips for Solving Today’s Word Puzzle

Wordle has become part of the routine of millions of people around the world. The word puzzle created by Josh Wardle, now owned by The New York Times, has grown in popularity lately and has become a favorite word game for many.

Wondering what Wordle is?

Wordle is a web-based word game in which you have six attempts to correctly guess the five-letter word. The cubes in the maze change color depending on the guess made.

A correct alphabet in the correct position makes the cube green.

A misplaced alphabet changes the cube to yellow.

An incorrect letter that is not in the word turns the cube grey.

The game is updated every day with a new word. If you complete six attempts and cannot find the answer, you will have to wait for the next word the other day.

How to play Wordle?

This is a browser based game and no app is required to play wordle. You can get started with the game on the official New York Times website. People around the world play word games and often share their scores on social media.

What is a sequence in wordle?

If you regularly play wordle, you continue to add the number of consecutive days to your current streak.

Max streak refers to the most consecutive days you have played the game.

This is how you maintain a winning streak. It’s not easy to decipher words on a daily basis!

Tips for solving Wordle #436 of August 29:

  • Today’s word begins with a consonant and also ends with a consonant.
  • It includes two vowels.
  • Today’s word is a noun and an adjective.
  • The word refers to the head of an organization and also refers to something very important and essential.

Could you get the answer?

If not, then here is the answer for today’s word.

Today’s wordle answer is, CHEF.

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