‘Wordle’ March 20 Answer – How to solve today’s word puzzle


The answer on March 20 wordle may not be the hardest to solve, but Newsweek is here to help puzzle players who might want some advice to point them in the right direction.

Since its launch last year, wordle has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its simple and addictive gameplay.

wordle players must guess a five-letter word each day and are told if they have the correct letters in the correct deck with green tiles or the fight letter in the wrong place via a yellow tile. Any incorrect letter will be represented by a gray tile instead.

This simple formula won wordle a legion of fans with the puzzle game growing from just a few dozen players to millions in the space of a few months.

In October 2021, wordle only registered 90 users, but that has now grown to millions of regular players.

Wordle’s meteoric rise can be seen in this Statistical graph that tracks the number of regular players who participate in daily play.

Statista Wordle chart. The number of Wordle players has increased significantly over the past few months.

Josh Wardle, who created the game, will sell Wordle to The New York Times for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

But Wardle said he never intended to make money from the puzzle game and created it to have fun with his partner.

Newsweek previously reported Wardle said: “The goal was to create a game that my partner would enjoy playing.

“What’s interesting is that people ask me questions all the time about the monetization stuff. Like, ‘You could put ads on it, you could make bounty.’

“And I don’t know, maybe I’m an idiot. None of that really appeals to me. I think because I started with the intention of not doing it, it was easy to say no. If I had tried to make a viral game, I think it would be very different.”

Part of Wordle’s success is due to the fact that veterans have no advantage over newcomers and the strategies for solving a puzzle can change every day.

While many players want to solve the word puzzle by themselves, Newsweek has some tips and tricks for those who might need some help writing today’s Wordle.

wordle Tips and clues for March 20

The answer to today’s wordle will be revealed at the end of this article. But here are some tips if you want help solving it.

Tip #1: There are only two vowels in this answer

Tip #2: One of the letters appears twice in the word

Tip #3: The word rhymes with screw

Tip #4: Synonyms of the word include “extend” and “prolong”

Tip #5: Merriam Webster defines today’s word as “grant or obtain an extension” and “do like new”

wordle Response of March 20

The answer to Sunday March 20 is “renew”. The word is not the rarest, but can still surprise players.

wordle will “renew” with a new word puzzle at 7 p.m. ET, during the daily update.

Word of Sunday March 20
Wordle for Sunday, March 20. The word for today is “renew”.
New York Times

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